My name is Logan Cruz! I am from the small town of Prince George, B.C. Canada. I live there with my supportive family and friends. Some of my hobbies include art, reading, cooking and baking, hiking, and above all, being able to spend time with my family and friends. I come from a huge basketball background, as lots of my family members went to play NCAA Div 1 after high school. Basketball basically runs in my blood!

     Academically, I work just as hard studying as I do on the court. I am a junior at Duchess Park Secondary School and am in the top 5% of my grade level and have, and continue, to receive straight A’s since the seventh grade. In my sophomore year I received the top grade 10 academic student. I have a 4.0 grade point average, but have not yet written my SAT. I enjoy subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English and plan on studying kinesiology post secondary to move on and become a physiotherapist in the near future. I was due to graduate in the year 2019, but because of my recent decision to study abroad in Italy, I will be graduating in the year 2020. I am super excited, humbled, and grateful to have been given this opportunity!

     I play the point guard position for my senior high school team. We won the BC Provincials in 2016, came in 9th in 2017, 5th in 2018, and I was named Honourable Mention All Star in 2018.During the spring/summer club season, I played on a travelling AAU team based out of Surrey, B.C. called BC’S Finest for three years, beginning in 2015. I was a starting point guard and had the opportunity to get lots of exposure at tournaments such as the Phoenix Gauntlet, Adidas National championships in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Nike Tournament of Champions in Chicago. This year, I am playing for an AAU team called West Coast where I start as a combo guard. I average about 12.75 points per game, 4.75 assists per game, and 1.75 steals per game.I have a 45.83% field goal percentage, an 80% free throw percentage, and a 53.33% three point percentage. I am 5'6" and 142lbs with a 168cm wingspan. My standing max vert jump is approximately 20.1 inches, my beep test score is 9.5, and my standing long jump is 190 inches.


     I play basketball for many, many reasons... I play because I love seeing the rewards of all the hard work I've put in. I play to feel that rush of excitement and adrenaline you get after making a good play. I play for my teammates and strive to help them in overcoming challenges together as a unit. I play because it brings me closer to my family and I play because basketball is FUN! But most of all I play for myself and for the love I have for the game.






- Member of Senior team in grade 9 2015/16

-City Champions 2016

-Zone Champs 2016

-B.C. Senior Girls AA Provincial Champions 2016

- City Champions 2017

-Zone Champions 2017, 1st Team All Star

-Provincials Game #2 Player of the Game

-B.C. Senior Girls AA Provincials 9th place finish 2017

-City Champions 2018, City All Star

-Zone Champions, 1st Team All Star

-B.C. Senior Girls AA Provincials 5th place finish 2018

-Honorable Mention All Star 2018


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